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We immerse ourselves into your world to better understand your needs, product & users.


Agile Project Management

We don’t let things pile up. Instead, we set milestones and do regular check-ins to ensure that they are being hit and that your project is on track.


Clear Communication

Let’s not leave anyone in the dark. We strongly believe that clear and open communication leads to the best results.


Speed & Efficiency

We’re a lean team that only takes on what we can handle and focuses on the important stuff. This means we move fast & efficiently to get shit done.


Tidy Work Methods

We know the value of neatly organized assets & deliverables, so that is what we do!


Love Beyond Launch

Digital products will always need more lovin’. After launch, we stand by for maintenance and offer packages for new features or asset deliverables.


A3C is a collective of Shanghai's best creative and tech talents that have come together to help businesses best address their tech challenges. Bringing the right people in for every project ensures that we can work efficiently from planning to execution, and delivering your vision on time, on budget, and on point.


Project Planning

Digital Strategy



WeChat mini program development

Official Account Setup

UX Design
UX Design
UX Design
Content Strategy

User Journey Definition

Function Identification

Wireframes & User Flows

UI Design
UI Design
UI Design

Responsive Web

Mobile & WeChat mini program



Front-End Development

Back-End Development

Customer Support
Customer Support
Customer Support





We’ve been around a little while and have noticed many people often coming to us with similar needs. We took the most popular ones and created packaged solutions for future clients. Nothing’s out of the box, but it’s always good to have a reference point.

Project Planning & Tech requirements Documentation

The foundation of a successful project is a clear and concise plan. By understanding the core problem the project is trying to address, we can determine the technical requirements needed to make your vision work. What you will be presented with is a document written in plain English explaining what steps need to be taken, the particular technologies involved, and a breakdown of time and cost needed to get it done.

Starts at 1500 RMB

Web Design

High-fidelity prototypes cover not only the user interface (UI) of a product in terms of visuals and aesthetics, but also the user experience (UX) aspects in terms of interactions, user flow and behaviour.

Starts at 3k RMB

Front-End Development

Our front-end developers are highly experienced, fluent in multiple frameworks, and understand the importance of clean, eloquent code. Front-end development requires Web Design and Graphics to be ready before development can begin.

Starts at 5k RMB

M.V.P. Sprint

Test the market right now. From concept to minimal viable product in 10 days. Let’s go!

Starts at 10k RMB

ICP Setup

Want your website hosted in China? Obtaining an ICP is a must. Unfortunately, the process isn’t so straightforward, and the English documentation is even less so. Let us do the grunt work and guide you through any necessary steps to get you there.

Starts at 3k RMB

Service Subscription

Get priority development support so that you can push updates when needed. We’ll help you build new features, fix issues, and provide technical consultation along the way.

<1 hour
350 RMB / Month
<2 hours
600 RMB / Month
<3 hours
850 RMB / Month
>3 hours
According to scope


Have a great idea and aren’t sure what it will take to get it off the ground? We can break down the technical side and offer multiple strategies to make the most of your core competency within the Chinese market.

350 RMB / Hour

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